Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Million Little Pictures/ Art House Co-op

I came across Art House Co-op while researching for a project at work. Art House "creates massive, nationwide art projects that tie hundreds of artists together." Their projects create a sense of community and are designed to allow anyone to participate. The one that I've signed up for is A Million Little Pictures. For $18, I was registered to receive a disposable camera with flash. The goal: to document my life in 24 frames, then develop the pictures and send them to Art House in Atlanta for an exhibition opening in September. Through each set of photos, 1000 people's lives from all over the world will be chronicled. 

A daunting task to say the least. 24 pictures to document my 32 years. Or, I could give people a glimpse into my life, zooming in on something I find important. And how to distinguish my photos from the 999 other participants? Well, naturally, I'm thinking food. My favorite foods? My favorite dishes in my favorite places? The ingredients that make up my favorite meal? Now the possibilities are endless!

I promise to post the results here once I'm done. It shall be a culinary adventure, indeed. 

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shanishah44 said...

A million little pictures :) i like your blog keep on sharing ...

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