Saturday, December 11, 2010

Samantha's First Thanksgiving Dinner

This is a picture from Samantha's first Thanksgiving dinner. No turkey this year, but she enjoyed sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, apples and cranberry sauce.

So, I'm only about two months behind on the baby food update since we started feeding Samantha solid foods at 5 months old. Now at 7 months, she is up to three meals a day already! A growing girl. At our pediatrician's instruction, we started with rice cereal mixed with breast milk or formula. It tasted like cardboard, but we learned that any solid foods given to babies before 5 months is really just for practice.  It is apparently quite a complex task to move food from the front of one's mouth to the back and then swallow it, so baby needs practice. After two weeks of mastering rice cereal, we were so eager to introduce her to "real" food.

I picked up some carrots at Whole Foods and unpacked the baby food maker. In no time, I had steamed and pureed carrots that just needed some cooling time before becoming Samantha's first meal. I picked up some of these baby food storage trays, that freeze the food into ice cubes that are the perfect portion for meal time and easily defrostable.

Since the introduction to carrots, which Samantha took to quite well, she has enjoyed apples, butternut squash, bananas, avocado, peas, green beens, sweet potatoes, and most recently blueberries.  I'm back on the cooking scene, although still not for myself!

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