Friday, September 4, 2009

Making Us Seem A Little Less Crazy: DC Food Blogger Happy Hour

I've lived in this city for 10 years (almost to the day, in fact). I've gone through multiple and varied phases of "hobbies" that have introduced me to many different people in the city - volunteering (social and political), painting, drawing, and photography classes, art and museum meet-ups, neighborhood planning groups etc. and I can now say that I have never had as much fun at an organized meeting of like-minded people as I did last night at the DC Food Blogger Happy Hour. Many thanks to Mary from Arugula Files, Amelia from Gradually Greener and Jenna from Modern Domestic for organizing! (Click on their links to see photos from the event). Cathy from We Love DC also did a great write-up on their site and I say this for many more reasons beside the fact that she mentions Beets and Bonbons.

We all inhabit a small, little, infinitesimal actually, space on (in?) the Internet, writing about what we think is important and hoping that someone out there does too. Last night's happy hour was humbling (wait, you remember that post of mine on Rick Bayless? I read your blog, too! All the time!), satisfying (so not every meal you make is blog worthy?) and surprising (over 60 people showed up. Who know there were so many of us!). It was a chance to share funny stories and blogging tips - it seems the jury is still out on ad space but overwhelmingly likes Wordpress (good news for the Wordpress guy that was there).

And it was great to finally meet the faces behind the twitter feeds and blogs I follow. And in the coming days, I have MANY more to add to the blog roll on the right, so stay tuned. You don't want to miss out on these! The blogs I read regularly became all the more interesting having met the creative minds behind them, and I learned about many that I should have been reading since day one.

The best news is that it looks like the happy hours will continue on a regular basis. I look forward to meeting everyone that I didn't have to chance to say hi to last night. See you soon!

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mary said...

It was great to meet you in person. I hope at the next happy hour we'll have more time to talk. You have a great blog!

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