Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Food Truckin': Fojol Bros

[photo by benmurray, available under a creative commons license]

Continuing with my series on food trucks, I visited Fojol Bros., the traveling Indian cart that also announces their whereabouts on Twitter. When I learned that they would be two blocks from my home on a Sunday evening when I had no dinner planned, it was a no-brainer. Plus, I've recently decided I like Indian food! My husband and I set off for an evening stroll and to eat dinner curbside.

We could hear the music from a block away, of the upbeat carnival kind. Then, the costumes came into view. Men in wearing fake moustaches and turbans with bright colored jumpsuits. It was kitschy and exciting all at once.

Unfortunately, that's where the high hopes peaked. Selections for the evening were limited to chicken masala, chicken curry, spinach and cheese, and pumpkin. You can choose one, two, or three entrees over rice. I opted for the chicken masala, which was way heavy on the rice, and piddly on the chicken. That was even ok, though - I was just looking for a taste. And a taste is what I got. I found the masala to be sweet, almost sickly sweet, and I (who generally steers clear of all things spicy) was begging for some zing. The real disappointment, however, was in the rice. It was way overcooked and seemed like it had been sitting around all day (as did the chicken). Everything was luke-warm.

I do applaud their environmentalism and community involvement, however. They'll deliver your forks and eating containers to a compost facility after you are done. Plus, a portion of their proceeds goes to charity. I really really wanted to like them. Who doesn't want to get excited about following a traveling culinary carnival around town. Unfortunately, it was the culinary part that was missing. In this day and age, there are very few excuses for not delivering a fresh, quality food product.

According to the Fojol Bros. Web site, they "hope to bring together local communities through a dynamic food experience on DC's streets." Reminiscent of the neighborhood ice cream truck, they certainly attract a following when they roll through with their brightly colored truck, music and costumes. I'm afraid the food, though, does not keep up with the fanfare.

Location: varies.
Follow @fojolbros on Twitter for up to date locations.


Mom said...

Just looked at your blueberry/coconut muffins and it reminded me of the wonderful cheesecake we just had at "Tomatoes" in Margate....Blueberry/Coconut Cheesecake. What a great combination.

Thrifty DC Cook said...

They must have had an off night. My roommate was disappointed by her experience on Sunday. She has enjoyed their food before. My experience was good. The chicken masala was well seasoned and the spinach&cheese was VERY good. I thought the chicken curry was under seasoned but my friends enjoyed it. My big fault was trying the pumpkin. I should have known better. It was gooey.

But overall, I really enjoyed getting out of the office, listening to some funky music, and being served food by handsome men willing to wear costumes in DC's muggy weather. It broke up the day a bit for me. Hopefully you will give them a try again. I like that they have a compost bin on the back of their truck.

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