Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Aerogarden Update

My Italian basil, purple basil, thyme, and chives are sprouting. I set up the Aerogarden on March 19, and 6 days later, I have herbs. Baby herbs. So far, so good, on this product. The set up was a snap and the instructions, easy to follow. With a little research, I learned that on the herbs setting, the pump and the lights don't necessarily run simultaneously (for a while, I thought I was sent a faulty pump). 

With my mind at ease, I found the the light timing that worked best for me and set the timer to turn off at 9pm each night. In the germination phase, the lights are to be on for 17 hours (pump runs for 12) and the lights and pump go off for 7 hours. The lights are quite bright, so timing them to my rough sleep schedule seemed to make the most sense.

The basils sprouted first, followed by the thyme and the chives. Looks like mint comes up next followed finally by the dill. I'm quite excited for the prospect of healthy home grown herbs as summer approaches, and if this works well, I may attempt to grow tomatoes or strawberries this winter.

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